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We specialize in custom cabinets for your kitchen or bath, but are also experts at basement finishing, flooring, window treatments, custom closets, and more!



This is where we first started several years ago. We began with custom cabinetry and then added flooring, windows, kitchen backsplashes, granite countertops, and more! We deliver the kind of quality you would expect from a custom cabinet maker. You provide the vision and we do everything else!


You'll get to know our in-house carpenters by their first name. We can design and build your next dream kitchen, bathroom, closet, or basement. We’ll walk you through the entire process and help you choose from the finest products on the market. We assign you a top-notch project manager to coordinate the entire remodeling project from start to finish.

Custom Cabinet Making

If you’re thinking of remodeling any common area of your home, you should always consider adding custom cabinets. Whether it's the bath, kitchen, basement, living room, dining room, or mudroom, adding custom cabinets takes an ordinary room and gives it a brand new feeling. We design some amazing custom kitchen cabinets, built-ins, wine cabinets, pantries, and more! Our talented crews have over 90 years of combined construction experience in the DC area.




With our ability to produce custom cabinetry, built around your tastes and to your specifications, you will experience our high quality craftsmanship firsthand. We only work with the best materials and provide the highest level of quality craftsmanship.

Because our clients have diverse tastes, only a custom cabinet maker like Turner Renovations can offer kitchen or bathroom cabinets as unique as you are.

Peace of Mind

With a dedicated and experienced staff, we value your complete satisfaction above everything. Working with Turner Renovations means working with the most dedicated kitchen remodeling team in the entire Washington DC area. You receive the peace of mind and personalized service that comes with hiring a local business.

We pride ourselves on having a high level work ethic and quality that meets the high standards of our most discerning clients.  Our clients love our work and have no reservations recommending us to their closest friends.


With your busy schedule and active home, fitting in a home remodeling project can be a struggle. Our kitchen and bath remodeling team is always available to accommodate your needs with appointments that fit your family's business schedule.

Our team will work around you so your remodeling project is executed with the smallest amount of disruption to your lifestyle possible.

Competitive Pricing

Just because you are looking for custom solutions to your unique home remodeling dreams and you have exquisite taste, doesn't mean you should have to pay unreasonable prices for your project.

We are here to provide you with the highest quality products, made with the highest quality craftsmanship, at a price that is reasonable and fits your budget.

Custom Designs

Because our cabinets are designed and made locally, we are able to provide you with the look and feel of your dreams. You are not forced to adjust your tastes to what some other contractor says would look the best in your home...we create what you tell us to create.

We are 100% confident you will love our custom designs, because they are 100% created by you!

Quick Turnaround

Because we are a local company and we make your cabinets in our local shop, your home won't be torn apart and left a constant state of remodeling limbo while cabinets are being shipped from who-knows-where. We don't begin a project in your home until we are ready - and your schedule allows it. Because we are creating the custom look and feel that your high standards require, we may take a little longer than your typical cheap, next-day cabinets contractor.